Why Cloud?

Collecting customer information has become very important to many businesses. Since the growth of the internet, capturing this data has become easier than ever before, as we were suddenly able to track the behaviour of our customers online.

We are now at a point that we are gathering lots of data, from different kind of sources. We've collected so much data from so many touch-points that is has become difficult to make sense of all this data, or, as Google said it right:

"Data is no longer the issue. Insight is the issue. The Cloud is the solution."*
*Google Retail presentation

With a cloud-based data warehouse, it is possible to integrate every data source, like Salesforce, Demandware and Selligent, and have a complete data warehouse, which can give comprehensive insights in customers, product stock, sales etc.

The cloud is safe, flexible, scalable and can save costs. We wrote blogs about different aspects of the cloud, such as its security level, the degree of sustainability and the reasons for a business to choose cloud computing over in-house data storage.

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