Our own designed Big Data marketing tool, built and run on the Google Cloud.

Easy to use functionality

Data sciences without the programming. Designed to support marketers, CRM managers and analysts in becoming data-driven, while understanding the most important software language: 'business language'. 


Working with InsightOS is a 100% NoOps operation. Our customers don't need to run or invest in system maintenance. Combined with the services of Crystalloids Innovations, loading the data is done without support on behalf of the client. 

Built on Google Cloud Platform

Facet navigation and the choice of every web shopper to drill down on data, is applied to our tools. To dive into the details without losing the big picture. Serviced by Google BigQuery no matter how big your dataset will be. 

Runs on BigQuery

InsightOS runs on BigQuery, the google product that is able to process massive amounts of data in seconds. Get access to the ESG (Enterprise Strategy Group) Lab Review which highlights the recent analysis of Google BigQuery with a focus on simplicity, agility, flexibility, reliability, security, and cost containment.


Forecasting Integrated 

Making an arrival, booking or revenue forecast is easy. Machine Learning and built-in analytics help you predict the future.



It's possible to integrate any possible data source to the tool, making it possible to have better insights into your data, and finding relationships you couldn’t find before.

Different viewers for different purposes providing actionable insights

Arrival Viewer 

Integrated forecasting 

Working in travel, the moment of arrival and the time of booking are two separate time units. The InsightOS Arrival Viewer makes it easy to look at the date of arrival, and to link all customer, media and sales related data to this moment of arrival.

Via facet navigation, it is easy to select future or past arrival dates.
The resulting answers are presented in a clear graph or table format.

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Booking Viewer

Changing dimensions in a snap

The InsightOS Booking Viewer allows you to look at your destination, customer, sales and media channel data from a booking time perspective. The reservation time perspective is the date a customer makes a booking.  A calendar element makes it easy to select one or ranges of booking dates for easy comparison to similar periods in the last years, having the possibility of storing such a selection for future retrieval.

Customer Viewer - Facet Search

A single view of the customer
  • Search & find customers via well known Google's search technology.

  • Facet navigation to select multiple customers at once

  • Single View of the Customer to find duplicate customer records in your client database

  • Data profiling functionality to summarise the number of valid email and physical addresses in your customer databases.

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Schermafdruk 2017-11-18 16.47.44-2.png

Customer Viewer - Free text Search

A single view of the customer
  • Search for specific contacts

  • Find contacts that are soft linked to each other because of corresponding addresses, zip codes etc.

  • Learn about the purchase history of a specific customer

Transaction Viewer

Revenue and product insights


  • Have real-time insights into your revenue and transactions.

  • Save, compare and share your findings in seconds.

  • Using graphs or tables to display your insights.

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