Marketing Personalization

The more you can understand about your customers, the better you can serve them, and the more you will sell.  That’s the foundation behind marketing personalisation. All designed to lead the consumer more reliably towards a sale.


Search Engine Optimalisation

Do you have an on-site search functionality? With machine learning it's possible to do on-site search specific boosting, which means that  the keyword search result list will be optimized for your customers and they will find exactly what they were searching for.



Intelligent machine learning algorithms analyze your customers activity and compare it to the other users to determine what they might like to buy or do next. These recommendations are getting smarter all the time because of neural networks.


What is Machine learning?


The way you use your data, determines your degree of success. Businesses store data, lots of data. 10% of this data is structured, but the remaining 90% of the data is a mess; it's all unstructured. 

Machine Learning helps you make sense of all your unstructured data and create smart solutions to improve you profitability.

There's a transformation happening in the world of computer science; from programming computers towards teaching computers how to learn for themselves. We are now able to let computers recognize patterns in data, without telling them how to do so. This is called machine learning.  


Google is ready-to-use machine learning API's


With Google as one of the frontrunners in machine learning technology, more and more is possible for your business. Google developed ready to use artificial intelligence API's that are directly applicable on to your data, democratizing machine learning. Examples are;

  • Speech recognition
  • Video Analysis
  • Image analysis
  • Google Translate

...and more. Check all the API's out here.


Your customized solution: Cloud Machine Learning 


If you're business is looking for a more customized solution, Crystalloids Innovations is here to help you.

We use and apply Google technology, in order to build personalised machine learning tools.

Using Cloud Machine Learning, we are able to create and train models, and do predictions at large scale, in real time. In this way, giving your customers the best advice and service you can.    

Interested in a customized artificial intelligence solution for you business? Drop us an email!

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