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About Rituals 

Founded in 2000 by Dutch CEO Raymond Cloosterman, cosmetic brand Rituals has grown excessively; from one store in the Kalverstraat in Amsterdam to more than 500 stores, more than 1500 shop-in-shops and 4 urban spa’s in 26 countries all over the world. The company was the fastest growing company in the Netherlands in the period of 2012-2016*. 

The retail company offers a combination of home and body cosmetics in their stores and on their website Rituals unites advanced technology with ancient far Eastern rituals to present a range of affordably priced products that turn everyday routines like bathing and shaving into meaningful rituals.

 *(The Top 250 Scale-ups 2017, The Netherlands)


To keep on growing within their field, Rituals is innovating continuously. They are known to be frontrunners when it comes to business intelligence and big data processes. Rituals has been focussing on the back end of the company, by optimizing their ICT projects and big data management systems, in the last few years.

In 2015 they approached Crystalloids Innovations because they were looking for a customer & product data management solution in the cloud.

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As a fast-growing company, big data management is very important for Rituals. The company worked with many different data sources and data storage locations, some of them on-premise, some of them not. The more Rituals was growing, the more difficult it became to make sense of all this data; the whole operation threatened to become less efficient and effective.

As the company wanted to become and stay leader in the IT and big data field, they decided that they wanted all their data to be accessible from every different touch points, they wanted their system to be flexible and easily adaptable to their needs, and they wanted to have a single customer view, instead of a fragmented one, in order to better target and personalize future customer interactions. And of course, lowering their IT costs would be a nice bonus.

One of the problems they were facing was the difficulty of bringing together the on- and offline purchase data of their customers and link this information in real time to one identity. Therefore, Rituals was looking for a solution.


Rituals' Challenge

As the company is growing rapidly, Rituals needed a clear data management solution.


Crystalloids Innovation's Solution

The Rituals Google Cloud to manage all the company data in real time at one place, and the integration of the customer loyalty program within this management solution

Solution - Rituals Google Cloud

Based on Crystalloids Innovation’s InsightOS platform core components and loyalty and contact services, Crystalloids Innovations implemented the Rituals Google Cloud: the company's own data management platform. Through different API’s, built on the Google Cloud, Crystalloids Innovations integrated every possible data source, like Exact, Demandware, Salesforce and Selligent. As a result it is now possible to gather and store all the data information about customers and products at one place, making sure all the information is available for all different touchpoints in real-time.

Rituals Case Study

Solution - Customer Loyalty Program

To help create a single view of the customer, Crystalloids Innovations implemented the customer loyalty program at Rituals. The program gives customers the possibility to become a loyalty member, which gives them many advantages: the customer receives a free welcome gift, free online shipping, inspirational emails, personal surprises and a free gift with every purchase.

In return, Rituals has more loyal customers.

Also, the program makes it easier for Rituals to capture real-time customer’s data from all Rituals stores and customer touchpoints and store this in the Google data lake, in this way combining on- and offline customer data.

The customer journey 

From a customers journey perspective, it all starts with the registering process of anonymous buyers who want to join the loyalty program, this can be done online or in the store. After providing information through a submission form and confirming this information via an email, Crystalloids Innovations provides the customer with a token: a unique barcode on their cell phone which can be scanned at every selling point to identify the customer. The anonymous buyer becomes a known buyer.

In the omni sales stage, when a customer does a transaction, the loyalty token is being read and the transaction data is automatically stored. The customer receives a loyalty email with its digital receipt and loyalty points.

While being a loyalty member, the customer receives emails and communication from Rituals through online and mobile platforms. The information they receive is based on their past behavior and gives personalized recommendations which will make their shopping experience more relevant.

When having complaints or questions, the customer service will be able to give better service to the loyalty member, as all the information about the customer is to available at one place. 

The business journey

Immediately after a customer signed up, their information is processed and distributed to the Google Cloud (both Google Cloud Datastore and Google BigQuery) for direct presentation in the front end part or for ad-hoc analysis.

All the stored information can interact through different API’s that give access to different touchpoints like the store scanner, computers, tablets, and phones of the customer and the production server of Rituals. Because of this, it’s possible to always have real-time information ready about customers and products at every touchpoint.

The storage of data all at one place makes product and customers analysis more easy with the help of BigQuery, for intern engineers and data scientists. For marketers and analysts, Crystalloids Innovations provides clear interfaces that display dashboards, predictions, data exploration search bars etc together with Business Intelligence companies ClickQ & Tableau.

In the Rituals Google Cloud, members with more than one identity are still linked together as one. For example, when a customer registered with two different email addresses and has, as a result, two loyalty cards, the different identities will still be recognized as one customer. Giving analysts a single view. 

In the end, the Google Cloud Platform in combination with the customer loyalty program gives Rituals a way to do better product & customer analyses, it gives them a way to optimize their stock inventory, it helps them to better target their customers, and to give them a better service. 


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