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About Sandaya

With 14 different luxurious (4 & 5 stars) campings throughout Spain and France, The Sandaya group is a successful campsite owner and operator which welcomes thousands of guests every year. The group was founded in 2010 by two proven leaders within the tourism sector; François Georges and Xavier Guilbert. Since then, the Sandaya group has been expanding rapidly; this year (2017) they opened five brand new campings and more will follow in the future.

The Sandaya campings receive a lot of guests every year and offer at least 300 pitches per camping. They have a varied range of different accommodation types like cottages, chalets, lodges, and cabins. In high season, Sandaya has up to 500 employees to keep everything running. Sandaya saw its quality policy rewarded by reputable and recognized labels such as Best Camping, Trip Advisor, Zoover as well as Green Key.



Sandaya has experienced rapid growth over the past seven years. The increase of campsites and thus of visitors caused an increase in the vast amount of data. By 2015, managing all this data had become a real challenge, as was the ability for marketers and analysts to have quick and clear insights.

Before, information was stored in several different applications and in order to analyze this data, it had to be moved from the sources, some of them on-premise, into a spreadsheet first, and from the spreadsheets back to an analyzing tool. This could take days. Also, the tools they worked with weren't specified to the travel business, which made it hard for Sandaya to have the exact insights they wanted. 

Because of the reasons above, Sandaya was looking for an automated and cloud-based easy-to-use dashboard that would provide insight into trends in their campsite portfolio. They needed to be able to easily sort, filter and compare their data by their specified travel characteristics such as arrival date, country origin, type of accommodation, region, campsite and other types of dimensions and metrics. 

They also needed the solution to be cloud-based, so it would save them intern infrastructure maintenance costs and make it easier for them to upscale at a fast tempo. 

They hoped the Google-based solutions from Crystalloids Innovations could help them. 

Sandaya's Challenge

Sandaya was looking for an automated and customized dashboard that provides insight into trends in their campsite portfolio.


Crystalloids Innovation's Solution

Crystalloids Innovations created a custom analyzing tool for Sandaya, based on InsightOS; the easy-to-use application Crystalloids Innovations built with Google App Engine and Google BigQuery.


Crystalloids Innovations created a custom solution for Sandaya, based on InsightOS; the easy-to-use application Crystalloids Innovations built with Google App Engine and Google BigQuery, which helps travel companies use data to improve their revenue. InsightOS makes it possible to easily store, analyze and process the data, and has a function to save certain views, graphs or tables and share them with colleagues. 

Within the travel industry, the difference between the moment of arrival and the time of booking are two separate time units. Therefore, two different kinds of InsightOS viewer applications were created; the arrival viewer and the booking viewer.


Arrival viewer

The InsightOS Arrival Viewer makes it easy to look at the date of arrival of customers; so it is easy to link all Sandaya’s different data sets, like customer-, media-, and sales-related data to the moment of arrival. Via facet navigation, it is easy to select future or past arrival dates. The resulting answers are presented in a clear graph or table format, making it possible for marketers and analysts to have more complete insights and find new relationships.

Arrival Viewer InsightOS

Booking viewer

The InsightOS Booking Viewer allows Sandaya to link different kinds of datasets, like destination, customer, sales, and media channel data from a booking time perspective; the date a customer makes a booking. A calendar element makes it easy to select one or ranges of booking dates for easy comparison to similar periods in the last two years and includes the possibility of storing such a selection for future retrieval.


Booking Viewer InsightOS


The InsightOS Viewers allow the Sandaya staff to gain the insights they need without any technical knowledge. They were also giving Sandaya the ability to expand their campsite empire way faster than before because there was no need to buy more hardware to store all the extra data that comes with growth. The implementation of the InsightOS platform was, therefore, one of the reasons Sandaya opened 5 new campsites in 2017.  


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