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Get hands-on experience with Google Cloud

As a Google Cloud Platform partner and reseller we are here to help you. Together with Google we developed a one-week Jumpstart program (before called Technology Acceleration Workshop) to help you and your team further in the succesfull use of the Google Cloud Platform technology. The jumpstart is ideal if you want to get to know the different google products and want to launch a first project on the cloud with the technical help of our experienced developers.

Let us teach you and your team...

  • Which Google Products apply best to your specific business case
  • How to build sophisticated machine learning models. 
  • How to choose the right storage option for your data; Cloud Storage, Cloud datastore & Cloud Bigtable.
  • What the best practices are in Google Big Query.
  • Whatever you want to learn about the Google Cloud Platform

The idea of the Jumpstart is to first get used with the different Google Products and after this get the products into practice and built a solution for your own business case

In this way, we accelerate the knowledge of Google Cloud products at your company, and we use it immediately to help build a relevant solution for your specific issue.


The workshop is divided in four different stages: 

1. GCP Quick Start Session
Get GCP overview on core products relevant to your solution.
2. Design Workshop
Scope and define a proposed architecture for your specific use case
3. Solution Feasibility Using a Prototype
Explore solutions using a prototype to validate and prove technical feasibility.
4. Business Case
Draft business oriented report to identify potential of the solution, expected impact and proposed next steps.


Every workshop we give is customized to the specific needs and interests of your company and your employees, so you can get the most out of it. We always start off with an intake to decide what kind of program suits you and your company best.

For more information you can contact us by dropping an email or give us a call.





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